Our Team

Our Team

María González

President & CEO

215-426-8025 ext. 3002 Email
Harry Tapia

Director of Operations

215-426-8025 ext. 3004 Email

Our Valuable Team Members

Ludmiladia Pitter

Staff Accountant

215-426-8025 ext. 3005 Email
Stasia Monteiro

Director NAC Program

215-426-8025 ext. 3011 Email
Irayma Olivencia

Business District Manager

215-426-8025 ext. 9003 Email
Amanda Garayua

Housing Services Program Manager

215-426-8025 ext. 3008 Email
Luz Lugo

Senior Housing Counselor

215-437-7867 Email
Jacqueline Pagan

Housing Specialist – Frankford Office

215-437-7867 Email
Biancalis Santiago

Energy Counselor

215-426-8025 ext. 3007 Email
Chirag Amin

Book Keeper

215-426-8025 ext. 3009 Email
Diana Sanchez

Network of Care Program Manager

215-426-8025 ext. 3012 Email
Victor Montalvo

Cleaning Crew

Humberto Rosa

Cleaning Crew

Ashley Dedos

Administrative Assistant - Frankford Office

215-437-7867 Email
Elizabeth Mathews

Livability Academy Program Manager

215-426-8025 ext. 300 Email
Harriel Rosario

Community Connector

215-426-8025 Email
Michael Colon

Assistant Corridor Manager

215-426-4990 Email
Rosita Delgado

Housing Specialist – Main Office

215-426-8025 Email

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